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About Site

Lily for K-dramas was created by me, Lily, a university student from New York. This site has been open and actively running since January 1, 2020. I have been a follower of Korean dramas since I was young. My first ever Korean drama was "Stairway to Heaven" in 2004. I remember those were the only times my mom would allow me to stay past my bedtime to watch the episodes with her on television. The soundtrack, the acting, and the dramatic plot of the drama still haunts me from time to time even now. My obsession for Korean dramas has started after finishing the drama. I wanted to share my thoughts and perspective on Korean dramas but was wondering if anyone would be interested? Therefore, I have started this site with the hopes of providing some personal insights on Korean dramas to those that love dramas as well. 

This site aims to provide readers with my thoughts on Korean dramas that I'm currently watching or have watched on an episode by episode basis, all containing spoilers. All episodic posts will contain a brief summary and my thoughts throughout the episode. Along with that, I also provide readers with screen captures, soundtrack lyrics, behind the scenes, interviews, and other tidbits. Occasionally, you will also see posts on classic dramas, dramas from other countries, or films that I personally love.

Please note that all of these posts contains personal opinions of mine. Keep in mind that it's okay to disagree. Bu please practice common courtesy when posting comments or sharing your thoughts. Profanities and hateful messages will be deleted.

About Using My Contents

All written content, translations, and photos posted are done by me. If you would like to use some (not all), please send me a message for permission. Please do not steal my work. It is upsetting to see my hard work being stolen.

All graphics such as banners, icons, wallpapers are made and copyright by our graphic designers. Do not steal our artworks or claim them as your own.

If you see any of my work being stolen, please send me an email. If found, individual(s) will no longer have access to the site.

Also, the message board was created for fans to freely communicate to one another or with me personally to ask questions. Please be courteous with one another. And do not write negative comments on other celebrities or individuals.

About Navigating the Site

Each of the post will be assigned with 'tags' which you can browse for yourself on the sidebar or search bar. I also create posts or pages on side tidbits that I have collect over the years, which you can also find on the sidebar. Trust me, you won't get lost. But if you do, do leave a comment or message on the message board or send me an email. 

Also, this site is constantly being updated with old and new tidbits on posts and pages so do check back at those for additional updates.

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